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At GLN Conveyancing, your property matters

GLN Conveyancing is a well-known industry leader with over 29 years of excellence in Conveyancing services, driven by a small quality team in the outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne. GLN Conveyancing specialises in all conveyancing matters across the state of Victoria, including sale and purchase of houses, land, factories, units, including off the plan and broad acres in rural areas.

Major areas of property matters GLN also excel in are plans of subdivisions, major land developments, NICO subdivisions, company share unit transfers, general law conversions and lost title applications. GLN Conveyancing also has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the transfer, sale and purchase of water rights matters in rural areas, including; temporary transfers of water rights, discharges of mortgages on water allocations and surface water licences.

Gayle Nancarrow, founder and managing director of GLN Conveyancing, won the 2015 Australian Institute of Conveyancers VIC Presidents Award Conveyancer of the Year. Gayle is a founding member and former president (2008-2009) of the Australian Institute of Conveyancers VIC division.

As such, GLN Conveyancing completed the first electronic settlement in Victoria and possibly the world on 12th May 2008, with Gayle representing Conveyancers around Australia as a member of the National Project Team for the National Electronic Conveyancing Office.

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